What About “You” Time? – Day 11

This question came from a coworker when I laid out my approach to the world. As I saw it, there were four interdependent areas that I operated in: Faith, family, community, and career. My goal was to ensure that I fulfilled my duties in each, and allow each to inform the others. His question completely threw me, as it wasn't something that initially made sense. He then explained that these were all things "outside" of me and he was wondering if I had set time aside for myself. (It's been a while, so I might be getting this wrong). I've spent a few years thinking about it and came to the following conclusion: Everything that I have is a gift. I have no right to "me" time. I've been given a stewardship, and woe is me if it is not in order when the Lord comes. Thankfully, I'm not seeking to do this on my own (honestly, I can't) for He has provided for everything. I pray that when my time comes, I can say like St. Paul, "It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me".

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