Those 404 errors

When I posted last, I noticed that the nice permalink took me to a 404 error page rather than my intended blog post. So I temporarily disabled the nice permalink until I could debug the problem.

After digging into it, it turned out that I was missing this stanza from my Apache configuration:

<Directory /var/www/wordpress/>
AllowOverride All

This meant that Apache was ignoring the .htaccess file that WordPress generated for permalinks.

Once I put that stanza in place, the permalinks started working again.

Many thanks to author of a DigitalOcean Community Tutorial for helping me solve this problem.

EDIT: Turns out, the post on LinkedIn was still returning a 404, since it wasn't prefixing the link with https://. Now I've setup a permanent redirect with:

Redirect permanent /

Let’s try this again.

Much has happened since I last posted something: a move, a new job, kids, and more! Reflecting on my motivations for writing, I realize that I was attempting to write at length on topics that I knew next to nothing about. With this in mind I've thrown out all my drafts and plan to keep my posts short and simple.

Reflecting on recent events: The crisis in the Catholic Church, the increasingly extreme divisive language in politics, and the spiritual and moral poverty in society, I've realized that so much of what we argue about is peanuts in comparison to God's plan. I'm hoping that these blog posts are a kind of almsgiving.

We all need to turn to the Lord God, beg for his forgiveness and mercy, and seek to conform our wills to His. Only then will the Church recover, the politicians forgive, and society be spiritually and morally enriched.


For the men who read this,  I invite you to come to the Holy League Holy Hour for Men at Annunciation Catholic Church on Wednesday, March 13. Church doors open at 5:00AM with Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament and the Sacrament of Reconciliation beginning at 5:30AM, followed by Mass at 6:30AM, and fellowship with other men from around the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston after Mass.