Meditation on The Scourging of Christ – Day 12

Another day, another insurrection
They always crop up around this time
This one even got the High Priest's attention
That Galilean? Oh, this is prime.

He came marchin' in with great fanfare;
Got too big for his britches.
Strip him to his underwear.
When we're done he'll need more than stitches!

All right boys, let's get to it.
chain him to the pillar there.
Which tool to use from our kit?
such fun to have, so sad to share.

The lash descends

What, no flinch? don't worry that will happen soon
then three and four, five, six, seven
He's quiet still by heaven
you would think we were hitting him with a broom

Shame on us if we don't make him cry
The others would think we're soft
We cannot bear to be scoffed
So all the harder we try.

Over and over the lash descends
anger, fury, rage, all our might and main
We feel we are going insane
for, from the prisoner, no cry can we rend.

The silence deafens and it roars
enraging us to torment more
until gasping we step back
after giving him no slack.

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