The Shadow on the Earth

I was introduced to the Masterful Monk series by Owen Francis Dudley during a rather formative time in my teenage years. While it can be a bit preachy, the stories are compelling and challenged my understanding of what being a Catholic meant. Due to how well the series dovetailed with the writings of G.K. Chesterton and Venerable (soon to be Blessed) Fulton Sheen I was very surprised that I hadn't heard more about it. I and my family promoted it when we could, even getting the reprinted volumes from St. Bonaventure Publications into a local Catholic bookstore. After more than 10 years the uptake is still slow.

After considering how difficult it is to ask someone to sit down and read a book these days, I set myself the task of recording "The Shadow on the Earth" at the beginning of 2021. The playlist below is the outcome of that effort. I plan to begin recording "The Masterful Monk" in 2022. Support for this effort (prayers and otherwise) would be much appreciated.

While recording "The Shadow on the Earth", I laughed and cried, railed and smiled. Some may think that it is triumphalistic, especially considering the events that have occurred in the life of the Catholic Church since it was first published. I found it extremely relevant and refreshing, probably because Truth never gets old. It is not a simple book. Be ready to look Good and Evil in the face.

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