Lent – Day 1

Because it's a struggle to post on this blog due to laziness or perfectionism, I've decided to start posting every day for Lent. We will all see just how long I can keep it up.

As it is Ash Wednesday, Mass was a little longer than is usual. A section from the Responsory during the distribution of ashes caught my eye:

"...[L]et us not be taken unawares by the day of our death, looking in vain for leisure to repent."

Responsory on Ash Wednesday

This reminded me of a truly terrifying truth: God is the absolute, perfect being and we cannot come into His almighty presence after death unless we ourselves are perfect. I am imperfect because of my sins. Only when I rely on Him to give the required grace, only when I seek to love Him above all else do I have even a chance of making it. I cannot bring even the smallest pet sin with me.

With this reminder of the nearness of death and the urgency to repent, the Catholic Church begins 40 days of preparation for celebrating the most solemn event in human history, the Paschal Mystery. Let us take advantage of this time to die to our sinful selves so that, by the grace of God, we can rise with our Savior at Easter. Know that you are in my prayers.

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